Show and Shines

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Over the course of the 1994 through 1997 seasons, we have entered our Corvette in 15 Show ‘n Shine and Concours car shows, hosted by various clubs, including CCO, through out southern Ontario. In 1998 (and probably in 1999 also ) Stu was too busy with organizing the CCO shows to actually enter the car in any of them! We compete in the open-hood category, for cars from 1968-1973. We have managed to win 11 first place, and 4 second place awards.

Chevy Day 98

The Corvette Club of Ontario hosts at least two out door car shows each summer, held at our two club sponsor General Motors dealerships. CHEVY DAY is held at Humberview Chev Olds in Toronto, and HILLFEST is held at Wilson Niblett in Richmond Hill. Please visit the CCO web site for further details.

Shows are always a lot of fun, with a BBQ going, a D.J. playing music, and a chance to see a lot of Corvettes! They are also are a great way to learn more about your car and other model years of Corvette, as you will be participating with Corvette enthusiasts from CCO as well as other car clubs. The judging is an excellent way to gain valuable tips and direction in improving your Corvette. Each time your car is judged, think of it as an opportunity to receive a fair, independent, and constructive critique of your car. Each showing is a learning experience.

Car shows can be categorized by the type of judging that goes on at them. There are generally three types of judging: Sponsor’s/People’s Choice, Show n’ Shine, and Concours.

Your car can be classed by year, body style, and whether you are showing open or closed hood for engine compartment judging. This evens the playing field, so that each car is judged against cars that are similar to it in terms of specific judged items.

In Corvette only shows, Show ‘n Shine and Concours, the classifications are by year grouping: ’53-’62, ’63-’67, ’68-’73, ’74-’77, ’78-’82, ’84-’89, ’90-’96 and ’97 till present. All year classifications are open or closed hood, and there can also be classifications for custom or semi-custom Corvettes.

Sponsor’s/People’s choice judging is the least formal type of judging. Cars are not strictly classified, and various awards are given by individual sponsors, and spectator and participant balloting. The CCO CHEVY DAY at Humberview Chev-Olds is a Sponsor’s/People’s choice.

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Show ‘n Shine judging is a more formal and systematic type of judging. Also, the judges themselves are often Corvette owners, each working in teams of two and specializing in judging sets of specific items on all cars. The following items are judged for cleanliness and condition, (with a 1/4 point deduction for each fault): exterior body, exterior paint, exterior chrome including brightwork and painted bumpers, all glass, light and signal lenses, convertible tops, roof panels, rubber, trim, wheels, hub caps, tires, carpet, upholstery, door panels, door jams, counsel, and dash.

Hillfest 98

In open hood classes: engine block, wiring, compartment, and under hood area paint is also judged. Cars are usually scored out of a possible 100 points in open hood classes, 80 in closed hood. CCO HILLFEST at Wilson Niblett will be having Show n’ Shine judging.

Concours show judging can include all of the Show n’ Shine judging items, as well as areas behind the seats of the car, the trunk (if equipped) and the wheel wells. Concours judging is usually much more competitive and detailed, such as general fit and finish items. There is also a mechanical judging component, where all of your Corvettes electrical and many mechanical functions are also checked. These shows are usually part of a series, where points are accumulated over the length of a season. Many clubs across Ontario host Concours shows, and event schedules are usually listed in car enthusiast magazines and newspaper automotive sections.

Indoor shows often classify Corvettes with other cars, such as other Chevys or American sports cars, since there are often not very many Corvettes at these shows overall. The judging usually includes some combination of Sponsor’s and People’s Choice, as well as more formal judging of specific items often under broad classifications.

Registration for out door shows usually opens at 9:00 a.m., and you will have a few hours to do any final cleaning and detailing before the judging starts, which is often when stop clean is called around noon. When preparing your car to be judged, a thorough cleaning before it gets to the event is best. Then you can use the time before stop clean for any extra detail cleaning, or for removing any dirt, bug spots, etc., that you may have accumulated on the drive to the show. You can also clean your tire treads at the show. A systematic approach works best, cleaning area by area, item by item. Allow your self some time (at least half an hour) to do a self judging when you think you are done. Using your judging sheet as a guide, inspect each item in order on your own car, as if you were judging it yourself, correcting any faults as you find them. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the day!

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