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I visited and read your web page on the rebuilding of your 71 LT-1, very interesting. Congratulations on the job you did. I own a 72 LT-1 and in the process of finishing the exterior detailing, in your write up you mentioned your LT-1 pinstripes were laid in using a stencil. Did you buy the stencil or have it made, could you provide any info on where or how I could accomplish the same task? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Thanks for your message, I am glad you enjoyed our site.

The LT-1 hood stencil kit is sold by Mid America Designs (1-800-500-8388) as part number 600-652, for $109.95 USD.

Udemy Black Friday Sale! Top Courses From $9.99

The “LT-1” hood decals for your ’72, would be the black out-lined white inside used on later cars, and Mid America has those for $7.95 USD each when bought in pairs, part number 600-664.

I had done the black stripes right onto the yellow base coat, and clear coated over the stripes. The effect is very impressive, though it is not exactly stock. Also, I had some problems with the clear coat
dissolving the edges of the black paint when it was applied over it. If you plan to clear over the stripes, test to see if the clear does not make the black run when it is applied over it.

The stencil kit works very well, and is relatively easy to do.

Good luck with you restoration,

Udemy Black Friday Sale! Top Courses From $9.99

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