How Gilligan and the Castaways Would Operate a WordPress eCommerce Store

Imagine what life would’ve been like on the infamous deserted Gilligan’s Island if the castaways had internet access. We all know that the Professor was a genius who created electricity with coconuts. In due time he would’ve invented the internet and not Al Gore.

We’ve established that the professor’s ingenuity would have propelled the castaways to create an exciting new online business. Despite having been ship wrecked after a three hour cruise each castaway managed to bring with him/her all sorts of paraphernalia and the comforts of home. There was never any shortage of tools, clothing, food, electricity and visits from D list guest stars on virtually every episode.


Mr. and Mrs. Howell were the wealthiest of the group as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash and several changes of clothing that they brought with them on the S.S. Minnow. How all those suit cases fit in that little boat boggles my mind.

Since the Howels had baggages of cash they would be the Angel investors and ensure that the soon to be forgotten group would have enough capital to get the business started in the first place. Online advertising, marketing and purchasing Facebook Ads and Google AdWords would have been very expensive even back then.

Based on the talents of the assorted castaways, Mr. Howell would lead the business as the President and CEO of the newly established “Castaways Forever” online store despite the fact that he refused to do any other work on the island. Mrs. Howell would have the responsibility of Social Media Director and blog about living on an island.

So how would this esoteric mix of totally unrelated misfits work successfully together in an online business?

Very well!

The castaways were masters at creating a strong and vibrant community with a little help from acquired materials that mysteriously surfaced throughout the season. Even the Harlem Globetrotters made an appearance on the island. By then the castaways had already proven their business acumen by establishing a vacation resort known as “The Castaways.”

The Skipper was a true leader as the valiant captain who maneuvered the SS Minnow on a deserted island to safety. He managed to manipulate Gilligan, his “Little Buddy,” back to work and get him to perform mundane chores by repeatedly swatting him on the head with his cap. No office politics existed in this fantasy paradise. Everybody just got along.


Despite Gilligan’s apparent clumsiness and nerdish behavior he would actually be a fantastic WordPress guru. Gilligan, the ultimate go-getter and yes-man, would design the front-end of the Castaways Forever website utilizing accessible free WordPress themes like the ever so popular new Storefront theme. There’s also an awesome free online course (shameless self-promotion here) that would easily help get his very own t-shirt store up and running in no time. The professor would handle all the technical logistics of setting a server, database and domain name.

Since the island was already full of a wonderful assortment of food ingredients to choose from, Mary Ann could set up an assembly line to bake coconut cream pies and a variety of unique blend of delicious island foods. These items would be listed for sale on their WordPress website, packaged and ready to be shipped on to whoever happened to mysteriously drop in on the island. Since Mary Ann would also handle all the packaging and distribution of their unique island products, all she had to do was ensure that the next drop in visitor leave with the packaged goods and shipping information.

The branding for all their social media marketing on all the natural coconut products would be Ginger also known as the movie star. She could be shown eating, cooking and wearing castaway products to promote their online store.

Since it was Gilligan’s role to manage and update the online eCommerce store, the rest of the happy gang could figure into the store distribution by their contributions towards various island foods, miscellaneous products and assorted island tools for the rugged individualists on the go.

As you can see each castaway would play a crucial role in the distribution, marketing and management of the Castaway Forever’s new online business venture as they really wouldn’t have anything else better to do.

Have I left anything out?


What else could these castaways do to ensure their online business succeeds?

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